Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 550, Phosphate or BioPellet Reactor

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PhosBan Reactor 550™

The PhosBan Reactor 550 is designed with the upflow principle to achieve the most efficient use of PhosBan®, NPX Bioplastics or other chemical filter media. By pushing water from the bottom upward through a dispersion plate, it forces an even distribution of water through the media, and prevents channeling. It can be mounted hanging on the back of the aquarium or below the aquarium. Hose barb connections are for 1/2 inch i.d. tubing. Includes 1/2 inch barbed ball valve for flow control, and hose clamps. Use with any pump having a capacity between 100 and 250 gph, but regulate the flow rate to the recommended 20 to 40 gallons per hour with the included ball valve.

  • Upflow design for the most efficient use of PhosBan Phosphate Adsorption Media
  • Evenly dispersed upflow lifts media, prevents channeling, & increases contact efficiency
  • Use with any granular chemical media
  • Easy to install on any aquarium or sump
  • One PhosBan Reactor 550 for aquariums up to 600 gallons
Dimensions (L x W x H) Rated  BFA Item #
PhosBan Reactor 550 6.5 in x 4.25 in x 15.12 in 600 Gal TL42292



5 inches of clearance is needed if hanging on the outside of aquarium or outside of the sump.  Depending on sump you may be able to hang on the inside of sump. it can be set in aquarium stand as well, the reactor must remain in the upright position regardless of positioning

Recommended flow rate for PhosBan is 20 gal/hr, too much flow will grind down the product. For NPX Bioplastics 350 gal/hr is recommended.


Use with up to a maximum of 750 grams of PhosBan or media height of 8 inches.  If using as Activated Carbon Chamber the entire column may be filled.

    Included    Quantity
   Reactor Body    1
   Lid    1
   Rubber Elbow 90 degree    3
   Barbed Connector    2
   Ratchet Clip    1
   Sponge    2
   Dispersion Plate    2
   Ball Valve    1
   Short Internal Tube    1
   Long Internal Tube    1
   Zip Ties    4

Not included but needed for use 1/2" i.d. hose is needed for connection, pump and media.


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