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PhosBan ™  Phosphate Adsorption Media

Julien Sprung's Phosban is a highly effective way to control phosphate levels in aquariums for months at a time. Can be used in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Highly porous ferric oxide hydroxide granules absorb phosphates, silicates and dissolved organics without any risk of these substances being leached backed into the aquarium. Use just like carbon in backfilters. Filter bag included for those not using a PhosBan Reactor (recommended). 

PhosBan is a synthetic ferric oxide hydroxide in a granular form ideally suited for use in aquarium filters.  PhosBan's porous structure has a high surface area with many adsorption sites to bind large quantities of phosphate.  PhosBan also adsorbs silicates, arsenic and water staining organic compounds. No adsorbed compounds are released back into water even after full saturation.  Phosban is safe to use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and ponds.

Recommended Dosage:

50gms per 50 gallons Saltwater
50gms per 100 gallons Freshwater

    Rated  BFA Item #
    PhosBan 150 gm (.33 lb) up to 150 Gallons Saltwater TL42182
    Phosban 454 gm  ( 1 lb) up to 454 Gallons Saltwater TL42222


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