About us

We are an aquarium fish store like no other in the Grand Rapids area!  All of the staff has been keeping fish for at least 5 years with many in the 25-45 year range.  Our experience with aquarium fish cannot be matched in West Michigan.  All of the staff is here because they love the hobby,  not because it is their first job like many other pet stores in the area!  Much of the Blue Fish staff also belong to many local and national tropical fish clubs and associations and are active board members as well. 

Aquarium Services began in 1992 which is now the largest aquarium service company in Michigan.  Blue Fish Aquarium started out as the show room for the service company but has slowly taken on it's own roll.   The original store was started in 2003, and has moved a couple times with the current location being occupied since 2011.

Blue Fish Aquarium covers all facets of fishkeeping with lots of knowledge to help the beginning fishkeeper or those that are much more seasoned.  Blue Fish has dedicated employees who are there to help those in freshwater fish from rare cichlids and community fish to those wanting the ultimate planted aquaria.  The other part of the store and employees are dedicated to saltwater and do a tremendous job supporting people interested in corals, inverts and unusual marine fish.  The saltwater employees are very good with new and up to date techniques and equipment used to help your aquarium thrive.

During the summer, Blue Fish also has pond plants, koi and goldfish for those people who like to bring their hobby outside or those who's whole hobby is outside!  We also offer full-line pond equipment as well.

In September 09, we opened our reptile room to the public where we keep the same philosophies as we use in our fishroom. Blue Fish has some very seasoned reptile experts!  Combined, we have raised roughly 20 different species of babies that were hatched in our care.

An intangible product that we have is aquarium set-up and design!  Because some of our employees work for both of our companies there is a lot of background with custom set-up.  We work with architects  and builders for both residential and commercial properties to put that ultimate focal point in the right place with the correct equipment.  We also work closely with carpenters who are reworking single rooms in homes.  We have experience with Parade Homes, Hospitals, Doctor's Offices and much more (we can get you glowing references upon request!)

We are an aquarium store like no other in the Grand Rapids area!