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NPX Bioplastics®

NPX Bioplastics® are pelletized pure biodegradeable polymers that promote the development of bacteria that assimiliate nitrate and phosphate. As the bacteria feed on NPX Bio Plastics, excess growth sloughs off into the water due to the tumbling in a fluidized filter, and these bacteria can be removed with a protein skimmer or serve as planktonic food for filter-feeding invertabrates such as corals, clams and sponges.  Anaerobic zones also develop within the pellets, thus promoting denitrification there.  About 2-4 weeks after installation the nitrate and phosphate levels will decrease.

NPX Bioplastics are best installed in a fluidized filter like the PhosBan Reactor 150

To avoid the potential for a cloudy white bacteria bloom in the water DO NOT use a full dosage to start on aquariums with high nitrate concentration.  Start with 1/2 recommended dosage to start and gradually increase after a few weeks to 100 ml per 25 gallons.  NPX Bioplastics and PhosBan granular ferric oxide can be used in tandem on high phosphate loaded aquariums but should be in separate reactors.

NPX Bioplastics Treats BFA Item #
200 mL 50 gallons TL42240
400 mL 100 gallons TL42241