Zoo Med Floating Turtle Dock

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The Zoo Med Turtle Dock is the perfect basking spot for aquatic turtles! Features an automatic self-levelling feature that ensures that turtles always have access to a dry basking site, even when water levels rise or fall. Submerged ramp for easy access.

Small size is made for use in aquariums 10-20 gallons in size.
Medium size is made for use in aquariums 15-40 gallons in size.
Large size is made for use in aquariums 40-60 gallons in size.
X-Large size is made for use in aquariums 60 - larger gallons in size.


Zoo Med Habba Hut Dimensions (LxW)  BFA Item #
Small 11.25 x 5.0 in ZM66010
Medium 15.5 x 7.0 in ZM66020
Large 18.0 x 9.0 in ZM66030
XLarge 24.0 x 12.0 in ZM66040