Zoo Med ReptiVine - 40 inch Terrarium Decoration

Zoo Med

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  • Exceptionally life-like design
  • Water resistant construction
  • Allows creatures to exhibit natural behaviors
  • Suitable for pets such as geckos, chameleons and frogs
  • Enhances terrarium or paludarium landscapes

The Zoo Med Reptivine is the perfect addition to any paludarium or terrarium enclosure. The exceptionally life-like design fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape, creating a unique jungle like environment within the comfort of your living room. The vines themselves are water-resistant and incredibly durable, making it less susceptible to rot, mold and a breakdown of materials. The Zoo Med Reptivine provides animals with exercise, privacy and shelter, while allowing them to exhibit behaviors that would be seen in wild, natural environments. Additionally, the vine is well suited for a variety of terrestrial and arboreal reptile and amphibians such as geckos, chameleons and frogs. The easy to move and place vine is 40 inches in length for maximum freedom of use.

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ReptiVine 40 inch