Zoo Med Repti Fogger Ultrasonic Terrarium Humidifier

Zoo Med

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  • A compact ultrasonic humidifying fogger with adjustable fog output control.
  • Includes one liter bottle and all necessary fittings.
  • Features a no-spill valve making it easy to remove and refill the water bottle.
  • Adjustable hose extends up to three feet.
  • Dramatic cool mist increases animal comfort, relative humidity, and visual appeal.

Convert your ordinary reptile or amphibian terrarium into an extraordinary tropical oasis with Zoo Med's Repti-Fogger. Dramatic cool mist increases creature comfort, relative humidity, and aesthetic appeal. Ideal for use with tropical and rainforest species including: Chameleons, Anoles, Dart Frogs, Tropical Geckos, Forest Tortoises, Box Turtles, Hermit Crabs, and others. This Terrarium humidifier uses a compact ultrasonic humidifying fogger with adjustable output control and comes with all the necessary components to get started right away. Kit includes: ReptiFogger base assembly with fog output control, fully adjustable hose attachment, and one liter bottle with "no spill" valve for easy removal and filling. Let your precious pets feel more at home with this unique and innovative product.


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