Zoo Med Paludarium Habitat Kit 12x12x24

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  • Allows hobbyists to keep reptiles, amphibians and fish under one roof
  • Combines arboreal, terrestrial and aquatic environments
  • Features a built in 4 gallon nano-aquarium
  • Comes with all necessary lights, heaters and filters to make set up quick and easy
  • Creates a stunning visual spectacle in the comfort of your living room

The Zoo Med Paludarium Habitat Kit is perfect solution for those inclined hobbyists looking to combine their terrarium and aquarium environments together. The result is a unique biotope called a paludarium, which features both terrestrial and aquatic features within the enclosure. Such an undertaking requires specific equipment to ensure that animals with differing housing needs, such as lizards and fish, can be kept healthy and happy under one roof. The kit comes with a spacious 12" x 12" x 24" glass paludarium that includes a four gallon water feature, an adjustable 10 gallon submersible filter, various UVB, plant growth, heat and daytime lights, sphagnum moss for natural decor, a land feature platform and healthy organic substrate.

The kit provides three unique spaces for different animals to reside. The canopy of the feature can house arboreal species that hunt and rest among the trees such as chameleons, tree frogs and different snake species. The land section of the enclosure allows semi-aquatic species such as newts, toads and crabs to forage along the waters edge, while still having the safety and stability of solid ground. The aquatic section allows for an explosion of life beneath the waters surface; small plants, guppies, tetras, rasboras and snails are all exceptional inhabitants of a nano-aquarium. The unit allows hobbyists to create an unmatched visual spectacle they can enjoy from the comfort of their living rooms.

Kit Includes:

Paludarium 12 x 12 x 24 inch
Paludarium Filter 10 gallon
Dual Deep Dome
5.0 Compact Mini Florescent
Nano LED 5W
Sphagnum Moss
Natural Wood Decor
Paludarium Platform
Eco Earth Brick