HB-35N  Zoo Med Nano Halogen Heat Lamps 35w 097612970357

Zoo Med Nano Halogen Heat Lamps

Zoo Med

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  • This is a durable & small heat lamp that will fit Nano terrariums
  • Encourages breeding, regular appetite and optimal overall health
  • Gives daylight, heat, optimal relaxation & pleasure from basking

The Zoo Med 35 W Nano Halogen Heat Lamp contains a white light with UVA rays which is valuable to your reptiles overall well being. This lamp will encourage breeding and a regular appetite for your pets. Install one of these lamps into your fixture to provide your pet with daylight and heat, as well as optimal relaxation and pleasure from basking. This quality product is supported by a 6 month manufacturer's warranty.

Zoo Med BFA Item #
Nano Halogen Heat Lamp 35 watt ZM97035