097612322361 LF 36 LF-36 LF36 zoo med Nano combo lamp fixture

Zoo Med Nano Combo Dome Lamp Fixture

Zoo Med

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  • Small lamp fixture for nano sized terrariums 10 gallons and smaller
  • Ideal for small geckos, hatchling reptiles, tarantulas and other invertabrates
  • For use ONLY with Zoo Med's NANO heating and lighting products (sold seperately)
  • With 2 On/Off switches, can be used with separate timers! 
  • Ceramic sockets
  • Max 40 watts each (80 watts maximum combined)

Two fixtures in one for maximum convenience! The dual fixture allows for one basking spot lamp or compact UV lamp and one nocturnal heat lamp. Domes extend beyond the face of the lamp preventing the lamp from “sticking out”.


Zoo Med Dimesions (LxWxH) BFA Item #
Nano Combo Dome Lamp - 40 watt Max per side 8 x 4 inches on bottom ZM32236