Zoo Med Environmental Control Center

Zoo Med Environmental Control Center

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  • Controls foggers, misters, lights, heaters and more
  • Set alarms for dangerous temperature fluctuations
  • Ideal for terrariums and paludariums
  • Controls up to 1000 watts
  • Sleek, compact design

The Zoo Med Environmental Control Center is the heartbeat of your terrarium technologies! It can be quite painstaking trying to monitor and control of the necessary equipment needed to keep a terrarium successfully up and running, but this unique device helps keep everything in one convenient place. The control center is compatible with a wide variety of gear such as under tank heaters, misters, foggers, ceramic heat emitters, incandescent lights, mercury vapor lamps, T8, T5, LED's and many more.

Terrarium or paludarium owners are able to program gradual temperature fluctuations that mimic natural environments as well as setup alarms to go off during extreme high or low fluctuations in temperature or humidity. For greater accuracy, the unit has a built-in memory storage that saves the specific settings on your devices and can control up to 1000 watts using the hand-held LCD remote control.


  • Controller Unit
  • Controller Stand
  • LCD Remote Control
  • Remote Wall Mount
  • 2 Temperature Probes
  • 1 Humidity Probe
Zoo Med Size L x W x H BFA Item #
Environmental Control Center  in ZM37503