Zoo Med Desert Flora Red Leaf Stonecrop

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Naturalistic Desert Flora

Enrich your desert terrarium with this life-like foliage. There are 6 different, water-resistant varieties, so you can keep a beautiful aesthetic while providing ample privacy and shelter for your pets. They also have a removable rock base that blends perfectly into arid environments, while giving a sturdy footing to this décor. The incredible realism serves not only to enhance your terrarium landscape, but also put your reptiles at ease. The plant is easy to place in substrate or in between rocks, and the leaves are water resistant to eliminate mold, rot and unwanted odors from building up in your environment.

Key Features: 
  • Life-like foliage to enhance your Terrarium or Paludarium.
  • It provides privacy and shelter for your animal.
  • Encourages natural drinking responses and behaviors.
  • Water resistant.
  • Removable base.
Zoo Med  Dimensions BFA Item #
Red Leaf Stonecrop 4 in H ZM80749