Zoo Med Creatures Glow in the Dark Cholla Branch

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The Zoo Med Creatures Cholla Branch is a stylish, porous decorative climbing branch meant for use inside terrariums. It is well suited for creatures such as spiders, insects and invertebrates who have a natural inclination to want to climb and explore their environment. The Zoo Med Creatures Cholla Branch is designed to be a realistic representation of materials that can be found in the wild, and will help to encourage these critters to crawl, climb and grab on to the branch. A unique feature of the branch is that it glows in the dark, allowing you to view all manner of creatures after the lights go out. Lightweight and easily washable, the cholla branch is a great addition to any terrarium habitat.

Key Features: 

  • Porous, realistic, decorative Cholla branch
  • Encourages natural climbing behaviours
  • Glows in the dark

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