Zoo Med Can O' Cyclops 3.2 oz

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  • Can O products are the latest in nutrition and convenience
  • Features a resealable lid for refrigeration, freezing, and reuse
  • Cyclops are small Copepods, preferred food of fry and small fish
  • Best suited for small freshwater or marine fish and invertebrates!

Zoo Med's new Can O' products are the latest in nutrition and convenience. Their full line of feeder insects and crustaceans are cooked in the can to lock in flavor and freshness. With a resealable lid, you can refrigerate and reuse for up to a week, or freeze for even longer use!

Can O' Cyclops is the best food to offer small sized aquarium fish, like tetras, guppies, betta and more! Cyclops are a small species of Copepod that are the preferred food of fry and other fish with small mouths. This food is also a fantastic choice for marine fish, invertebrates, and nano shrimp!

Zoo Med BFA Item #
Can O' Cyclops 3.4 oz ZM40211