Tunze LED Eco Chic Refugium Light 8831
Tunze LED Eco Chic Refugium Light 8831
Tunze LED Eco Chic Refugium Light 8831
Tunze LED Eco Chic Refugium Light 8831

Tunze LED Eco Chic Refugium Light 8831


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LED eco chic refugium light 8831

TUNZE® LED eco chic refugium grow light 8831 for algae cultivation in marine refugiums or plant growth in fresh water basins combines both attributes "eco" and "chic" into a highly effective, perfectly-designed aquarium illumination at an absolutely reasonable price. In saltwater, Chaetomorpha algae ( chaeto ) is an excellent economical and easy alternative to many chemicals or resins to eliminate nitrates and phosphates from the aquatic biotope. Thus, it is absolutely sufficient to harvest a handful of algae from time to time to maintain the biological balance in the aquarium.  For this purpose, TUNZE® has developed a special LED that effectively promotes algae resp. plant growth in any filter or plant basin with its light spectrum.
The eco chic LED lights with protection class IP 68 operate permanently in the air but also under water. The special manufacturing process doesn't just guarantee the water resistance, it also enables the permanent underwater operation which also relieves the pressure on the aquarium heater. This underwater lighting avoids light reflections on the water surface making the lighting source even more efficient. An immersion depth here of 1 to 2 cm (.4" - .8") is more than adequate. A compact housing has been developed through the use of the latest components. This can be attached flexibly using the Magnet Holder. Operation with extra-low safety voltage ensures risk-free underwater use without electrical losses.
The built-in overheating protection as a safety function ensures that the performance of the lamps is gradually reduced from 9 W to 7 W at temperatures of approx. 77°F

  • This lamp contains built-in LED bulbs. The bulbs in the lamp can not be replaced.
Tunze eco chic LED Refugium Light 8831.000
BFA Item # TZ21600
Wattage 9 W
Voltage 115V/60Hz
Cord Length 59" (1.5 m)
Dimensions 12 x 1 x 0.7 "
Outlet 1.5" - 2/3"
Glass thickness max 3/8"

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