SPOT Gone Fishin' Teaser Wand Cat Toy

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Lifelike fish with irresistible catnip and crinkle. Natural wood wand for tempting and teasing kitty. Provides interactive healthy play and exercise and promotes bonding. Fantastic Fishing!
Interactive Play
Your cat wants to bond with you and what better way than playtime?  You and your cat can enjoy hours of play with teaser wands and lasers.  See your cat's excitement when it gets to "hunt & chase" the toy at the end of the wand.  Be sure to let your cat catch the prey periodically for a fun end to playtime.
  • Fun, interactive play with your kitty 
  • Catnip & Crinkle
  • Natural wood wand

shipped in assorted styles, we will attempt to mix and match if multiples are ordered

Spot Cat Toy L x W x H BFA Item #
Gone Fishin' Teaser Wand
Wand 13 in - Fish 6 in EP52118