645095700246 SPA Lavish Nourish Conditioner 16 oz Vitamin Infused

SPA Lavish Nourish Conditioner 16 oz Vitamin Infused


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Vitamin Infused Conditioner

This luxurious conditioner with plant extracts and essential vitamins promotes hair sheen and capillary conditioning. SPA Nourish conditioner's powerful cocktail of ginger, botanical moisturizers and warm vanilla helps repair your pet's coat. Anti-static agents calm hair while botanical emollients strengthen the coat, leaving hair incredibly revitalized, full and manageable.


For best results, bathe pet with SPA SHAMPOO. Rinse well. Apply generous amount of Nourish Vitamin Conditioner to the entire pet, massaging well into the coat. Let soak for 3+ minutes. Rinse well and dry. Use as often as you bathe your pet.


SPA BFA Item #
Lavish Nourish Conditioner 16 oz TC70024



What’s Inside

We are proud to serve you with products that contain good, naturally sourced, wholesome ingredients. You can rest easy knowing that our ingredients provide the healthy choices your family deserves. We have made it a point to show off our ingredients, their purpose, and source in both our grooming products and treats.