Sicce Syncra SDC Multifunction 6.0 Pump - 1600 gph

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The versatile Sicce Syncra SDC Multifunction Pump 6.0 is fully submersible and designed for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ponds and water features. The Wi-Fi compatibility provides a level of control and accuracy unmatched by other multifunction pumps. Featuring 5 preset flow modes, a water temperature sensor, 7 hour eco mode for overnight efficiency, variable speed levels and a ten-minute pause setting for maintenance or feeding, all of which can be controlled through a convenient, handheld controller and app for iOS and Android devices. 360 degree chamber rotation offers an even higher degree of water flow and circulation. The unit comes with a durable ceramic shaft, rubber footing for nearly silent operation, to reduce vibration and is well suited for both wet and dry applications. Unlike many other pumps, there is also no need for tools or elbow grease, as the prechamber can be removed quickly and easily to provide access to the interior of the unit. All Sicce Syncra SDC Multifunction Pumps are exceptionally silent for minimal disturbance and the energy efficient motors use thermal protection to prevent any overheating. Features a flow rate of 1600 gph, an output between 10-40 watts and a max head height of 11.5 feet.

 Model Size (LxWxH) Input Size Output Size
Syncra SDC 6.0 6.8" x 3.4" x 4.4" 1" NPT 3/4" NPT
Model Max Flow Watts Amps Head Max Cord Length
Syncra 0.5 185 gph 8.0 0.12 4.0 ft 6.0 ft
Syncra 1.0 251 gph 16.0 0.25 5.0 ft 6.0 ft
Syncra 1.5 357 gph 23.0 0.43 6.0 ft 6.0 ft
Syncra 2.0 568 gph 35.0 0.65 6.5 ft 7.2 ft
Syncra 3.0 714 gph 48.0 0.43 9.8 ft 7.2 ft
Syncra 4.0 951 gph 85.0 0.85 12.5 ft 7.2 ft
Syncra 5.0 1321 gph 105.0 0.95 12.6 ft 7.2 ft