Sera Pond Filter Biostart 8.45 oz

Sera Pond Filter Biostart 8.45 oz


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For the immediate biological activation of filter media

  • Biological filter starter
  • Activates filter material
  • Removes rotting sludge

Fish waste, uneaten food and dead plans quickly for a sludge layer on the bottom of the pond. The balanced blend of purification bacteria and biologically active enzymes in sera pond filter biostart breaks down the sludge and starts further pollutant breakdown in the filter by doing so. The pond remains clean, healthy and free of bad odors without much effort.

sera pond filter biostart is the ideal addition to sera pond bio nitrivec. The high performance filter material sera siporax pond creates optimal working conditions for sera pond filter biostart.

8.45 oz/250 ml sufficient for: 2,640 US gal. (10,000 liters)