Marine Care Program MCP Nitrate NO3 Test Kit Nitrite NO2 Red Sea Redsea

Red Sea Marine Care Program Nitrate & Nitrite Test Kit , NO3 & NO2

Red Sea

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Provides 50 Nitrate plus 50 Nitrite advanced colorimetric tests for marine aquariums

NO3 - NO2


This kit is essential during the maturation of all marine and reef aquariums and is suitable for ongoing algae management with Red Sea’s NO3: PO4-X in fish-only systems.

Nitrate / Nitrite Marine Test Kit Specifications:

Test Name Accuracy Range Test Type No. of test
NO2 0.05 ppm 0-1 ppm Colorimetric 50
NO3 2 ppm 0-250 ppm Colorimetric 50

All of the MCP test kits include analytical grade glass vials, full graphic instructions and easy to read color scales. 


Marine Care Program BFA Item #
Nitrate & Nitrate Test Kit RS21510