Python Pro Clean Gravel Washer Vacuum & Siphon Kit

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The Pro-Clean Gravel Washers are perfect for the beginner and experienced hobbyist alike. It effectively separates and removes debris from your aquarium while you perform routine water changes. The Python Pro-Clean is constructed only using the highest quality materials.

  • No Assembly Required - Ready to Use!
  • Separate and remove debris from your aquarium gravel while performing routine water changes.
  • Constructed with Python's high quality, flexible tubing and unique gravel tube material that will not crack nor chip
  • Made in the USA
  • All models have 6 ft flexible tubing
Size Part # Tube Size Aquarium Size
Mini 6PC 1 in x 6 in Up to 10 gallons
Small 12PC 1 in x 12 in 10 to 20 gallons
Small Tall 20PC 1 in x 20 in 10 to 20 gallons
Medium 10PC 2 in x 10 in Up to 20 gallons
Large 16PC 2 in x 16 in 20 to 55 gallons
XLarge 24PC 2 in x 24 in Up to 75 gallons