PURA Magnavore FIltration pad filter aquarium remove removes solids organics ammonia phosphate medicatoins lead copper silicates 69664004081

PURA Filtration Pad 7.5 x 10.5

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The exclusive three media blend utilizes the purest & highest grade media of very high ion exchange capacities.  Glueless dry process manufacturing further enhances performance by 45% & allows for heavy media loading into the fiber matrix.  PURA pads remove more ammonia, more phosphate, more heavy metals & more organics than any other poly-pads.

  • Removes Solids
  • Removes Organics
  • Removes Ammonia
  • Removes Phosphate
  • Removes Medications
  • Removes Lead
  • Removes Copper
  • Removes Silicates

Up to 12X more powerful than any other Poly-Pads

PURA Pads are ideal for REEF, MARINE, and PLANTED aquaria.  Designed for extremely low impact low impact on trace elements while providing total waste stream management including the phosphates and silicates that contribute most significantly to aquarium scum formation.  PURA Pads provide significant aid in maintaining the pristine environment so essential for live corals and live plants.  In regular aquaria PURA Pads reduce scum formation on all decorations, gravel, and walls of the aquarium, resulting in less cleaning and less maintenance.

PURA - Magnavore Dimensions BFA Item #
Filtration Pad
7.5 x 10.5 in MG00408