Polyp Lab Reef-Roids Coral Food

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Polyp Labs World Famous Coral Food

Notice a genuine difference in your marine aquarium with Reef-Roids Engineered Coral Food by PolypLab, which aids in fast growth, excellent coloration and minimizes water degradation. Filter feeding corals such as Goniapora, Zoanthids and Mushrooms to name a few, absolutely love this tasty blend of naturally occurring marine planktons which also contain a species of zooplankton. This highly recommended food will demonstrate a huge response from your corals with continued use. Additionally, the new and improved packaging is made with 87% less plastic while providing 25% more product, a win-win for both the environment and you!


Reef-Roids BFA Item #
37 gm nano (1.30 oz) PL12803
75 gm (2.65 oz) PL12801


Ingredients: Marine Planktons

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 60%
Crude Fat 20%
Crude Fiber 8%
Moisture 6%
Ash 6%



For every 100g of tank volume, mix one teaspoon of Reef-Roids with some water from your tank. For optimum results, use a syringe to target feed this mixture while tank circulation is off. Otherwise, disperse mixture directly into tank.

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