Pet Zone Boredom Busters Engage Saucer Lick Mat

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Bust your pet's boredom and anxiety with the Boredom Buster Occupy Licking Mat - Green! By spreading your pet’s favorite soft treat over the surface, you create a tasty fun game, having them seek out every morsel with their tongue. Repetitive licking is soothing for your pet and releases calming endorphins into the body. Licking also enhances the sense of taste, allowing pets to enjoy just a small amount of food over an extended period of time. Increased saliva production from licking can aid digestion.

  • YOUR PET WILL LOVE IT: Studies show repetitive licking increases endorphins, which in turn calms your pet helping dog anxiety. A great alternative to slow feeder dog bowls uses our dog lick mat to curb destructive behavior during stressful times.
  • YOU WILL LOVE IT: Use with a snuffle mat for dogs or in place of an interactive dog toy, this dog treat puzzle companion provides tons of interaction with your best friend as a great boredom buster. To reward them just add dog peanut butter, pumpkin, or yogurt.
  • FUN HEALTH BENEFITS: Great for dog dental care at home, our dog lick mat promotes fresh breath by scraping the tongue. It also improves digestion by slowing down their eating. Just sprinkle dog calming chews - anxiety relief treats as a special snack.
  • WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe. Our dog lick bowl is proudly made in the USA and comes with a 90-day limited warranty for pet chewing. Always supervise your pet while using it.