Panacea Rustic Farmhouse Bat Shelter


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These are on sale as those we have left have very minor defects on the front "Leg" areas about 1 inch long

Bats drastically reduce the amount of pest insects in backyards, and by doing this, simultaneously help farmers and gardeners by eating insect pests.

Our Rustic Farmhouse brand is on trend and incorporates popular rustic materials with functional design. This large Bat House is  specifically designed to attract bats.  The rustic shelter features corrugated galvanized metal roof with metal bat decoration and a rustic stain. The single  chamber shelter has solid wood under the galvanized roof to provide insulation. Mount this house to the side of a building or a tree in a sheltered area, preferably 8-ft or higher.  Can hold 25 bats.

Panacea Dimensions L x W x H BFA Item #
Rustic Farmhouse Bat Shelter 12 x 5 x 16 in PA28707