Ornament Yellow Glow Anemone Cluster on Rock

Ornament Yellow Glow Anemone Cluster on Rock

Blue Fish Aquarium

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This elegant Coral replica is the perfect decoration to bring character to any aquarium. The beautiful  color will make your tank look more attractive and contrast very well with other ornaments, plants or corals. This extremely life-like and very detailed coral sits firmly at the bottom of your tank and is safe to use in any freshwater or saltwater aquarium. This artificial Acro Coral matches up perfectly with real life corals, allowing you to freely mix and match with any other object you wish to include in your tank.

Key Features :

  • Safe, non-toxic 
  • Hand crafted and painted
  • FW and SW safe
  • Glows under blue actinic light
Dimensions (L x W x H) BFA Item #
9.0 x 4.375 x 5.5 in BF01998