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We are most humbled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Bozeman based artist Sarah Angst. We've admired Sarah's work for years so when she said "yes" to working with us it was a really big day for our lil' company. 

The Bridger Mtn Range is the visual backdrop for beautiful Bozeman and Sarah captures it with her art to an amazing level. Now your four-footed friends can carry that view with them wherever they roam clipped into a Bridger leash.

Be sure to click on the product close-up to fully appreciate the level of detail with this "Bridger" pattern.

Be sure to check out all of Sarah's amazing work at

Mtn Straps dog leashes are made with premium nickel plated clips.

The six foot leash is a handy length for those walks when you want to give your friend a bit more room to roam yet still maintain control. 

MTN Straps dog leashes are crafted with pride in the shadows of the Bridger Mtn Range in Bozeman, Montana.