Microbe-Lift Natural Turtle Rock & Substrate Cleaner


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Specially designed to clean up organic wastes 

The Microbe-Lift Aquatic Turtle Rock & Substrate Cleaner is specially designed to clean up organic wastes such as fecal matter, muck and sludge while clarifying the water and cleaning your turtles shell and limbs, while improving your filtration. This cleaner prevents harmful gaseous compounds and by-products found at the bottom of the tank from spreading around their atmosphere.

Water will discolor for approximately 48-96 hours after use depending on your filter system.

  • Cleans up organic wastes, muck & sludge
  • Clarifies water and improves the filtration
  • Averts harmful toxic gases & by-products
  • Water discolors approximately 48-96 hrs
Microbe-Lift BFA Item #
Turtle Rock & Substrate Cleaner 4 oz MC21046