Lifegard Aquatics Clip-On Full Spectrum USB LED Light 2.5"

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Lifegard Aquatics brings you a full spectrum, clip-on USB LED light! Control your lighting your way with the inline 4-way button controller. With this versatile light, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the light, change colours, and power on or off. A wide-angle light distribution and 28 bright LEDs will light up your aquarium! This small but powerful light can extend out, fits up to a 6mm lip, is very flexible and is coated in rubber. For ease of use, plug into any standard USB. Perfect for salt or freshwater tanks, and ideal for growing plants or colour enhancement in Nano tanks. Light specification: Lux: 380 Lumens: 155 Watts: 3W White LED = 16 Red LED = 6 Blue LED = 3 Green LED = 3 Color Temp = 6000K

  • Freshwater or saltwater
  • Ideal for growing plants
  • Extends up to 6"
  • 28 Bright LEDs
  • Full control with In-Line 4-Way Controller

Lifegard Aquatics BFA Item #
2.5 inch Clip On LED Light LG32562
 fish tank 100121100