Kessil A-Series Mounting Arm


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Kessil LED Fixtures have been one of the top selling brands in North America for several years. Sleek design, color uniformity, shimmer and relative affordability have made this brand into what it is today.

Kessil's Mounting Arm is a premium mounting option that allows you to install Kessil Aquarium Lights directly to your tank. The Mounting Arm is adjustable in heights and from back to front (for 18" - 24" wide tank), together with advanced cable management to house the cable inside the arm, providing a perfect and sleek mounting option for rimmed and rimless tanks. It is compatible with A160, A360W/NE, A360X, and AP700 (2 required for AP700).

The A-Series Mounting Arm adjusts from 12.32 to 15.43" across the tank and up to 17.0" above the surface of the water.

Kessil BFA Item #
A Series Mounting Arm KS34032

  • Compatible with
    • A360X Tuna Blue
    • A360X Tuna Sun
    • AP700 (2 Arms required)
    • A360WE/NE Tuna Blue
    • A360WE Tuna Sun
    • A160WE Tuna Blue
    • A160WE Tuna Sun