Kessil K-Link Extension Cable - 10 ft


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  • • 10' Extension cable for either between A360X / AP9X lights or between Spectral Controller  and a A360X / AP9X light.
    • To relocate the WiFi Dongle out of the canopy for better WiFi signal, or out of the top of A360X for even lower profile look.

  • Part Number


  • Length

    10’ (3m) excluding connectors

  • Plug Types

    USB Type-C male connector (with removable 90 Degree adapter) to USB Type-C female connector

  • Color


  • Compatible With

    Spectral Controller  (must be used with K-Link Cable), A360X (must be used with K-Link Cable), WiFi Dongle , AP9X (must be used with K-Link Cable)