JurassiPet Clean Wipes 26/pk

$ 9.99



  • Cleans and deodorizes reptile enclosures
  • Contains natural lime and other citrus oils
  • Use regularly to help control odors

CleanWipes™ safely and efficiently remove offensive odors and clean your reptile’s or amphibian’s enclosure without the use of harsh chemicals. They also contain natural lime and other citrus oils. Clean Wipes are designed for regular enclosure maintenance. For stubborn odors and stains, try our JurassiClean™.

CleanWipes™ are not intended for sanitizing hands before or after handling reptiles.

Sizes: 26 Pack


Wipe down the inside of the animal’s enclosure including walls and decor such as plastic plants and rocks. For tougher odors, wipe down the cage once, wait 5-10 minutes. Wipe down again with fresh wipes.



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