Green Longfin / Long Fin Tiger Barb - Medium

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Green Tiger Barb

Puntius tetrazona var.
Origin Asia
Care Level Easy - Moderate
Temperament Semi-aggressive
Size 3 inches
Min Housing 29 gallon
Diet Omnivore
Live Plant Compatible Sometimes *See below
Temp 74°-78°F
Sexual Dimorphism No
Breeding Egglayer
Lifespan 5 years
Special Water Conditions None
Pictures are for reference only, there will be variations in size and color of individual animals.


Tiger Barbs are a schooling fish that should always be kept together in groups. At least 5-6 are recommended, but more is ideal. Tiger Barbs are typically easy to keep, but their aggression can make them an unwise tank-mate choice for many aquariums. The fewer Tiger Barbs you keep together, the more they tend to pick on other fish.

Tiger barbs are not very distinguishable in gender, especially when they are younger. As they mature, females will develop wider bodies (as they carry eggs), and males will display more coloration when breeding.

*Many species in the barb family can (and will) eat live plants. With most barbs it is recommended to keep thicker-leaved plants with them if you would like to keep barbs in planted aquaria. Plants such as Anubias and Java Fern tend to have the best chance of success.