FURminator Adjustable Dematter Tool


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  • Suitable for all dogs and cats
  • Safely and easily removes matted hair
  • Dematting edges adjust to accommodate all pet hair lengths
  • Curved cutting edges for added safety
  • Use as needed for all coat types on pets
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back*

*See instructions for full details

FURminator BFA Item #
Adjustable Dematter Tool FM92922



Daily combing keeps the coat clean of debris, free of tangles, and looking nice by removing loose surface and topcoat hair. Daily brushing keeps the pet’s coat healthy, shiny and smooth by distributing oils across the skin and coat. Dematting will sometimes be a part of the daily brushing routine when mats occur in the pet’s hair. This entire process only takes a few minutes when done regularly.


    Usage Instructions:
    Please read all instructions and FAQs carefully before beginning your grooming.  Use the FURminator® Adjustable Dematter Tool only as directed.  Matted fur can be cause severe discomfort for pets and become increasingly difficult to remove if left unchecked.  The Dematter tool can prevent mats from becoming worse and remove them completely.

    Directions for Use:
    1. To demat your pet, first start by adjusting the dematting cutting edges to the desired position appropriate for your pet’s hair length by pressing the FURextender button, and then locking into place with the easy-slide tab.

    2. Move the mat breaker through fur mats following the grain of the hair, using brisk, firm strokes for best results.  Continue until mats are broken up.  Smaller mats will fall out on their own, or become small enough to remove with regular brushing.