Four Paws Walk-About Tie-Out Cable Medium Weight

Four Paws

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The Medium Weight Tie-Out Cable will provide your dog the freedom to safely move around your yard without escaping. This rust-resistant dog tie-out cable is built to last and can be used regularly. Plus, it is a great size for traveling!

Caution: The security/effectiveness of this product will depend on the material into which it is embedded. Loose soil, or soft, dry or rotting wood, for example, may not provide for a secure installation. Be forewarned that a strong or determined animal may still be capable of pulling itself free from this product, as with all such similar devices.

  • Four Paws tie-out cables help keep dogs secure while giving them room to roam
  • Helps prevent dogs from escaping the yard
  • Rust resistant
  • Convenient for traveling
  • Simple to use
Four Paws Tie Out Cable - Under 50 lbs BFA Item #
10 ft FP85610
15 ft FP85615
20 ft FP85620
30 ft FP85630