Fluval Nitrite Remover Pads FLEX SPEC EVO

by Fluval
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The Fluval Nitrite Remover Filter Pad removes excess nitrite (helps keep nitrate from forming) for a clean and safe aquarium. Nitrate can lead to an unhealthy build up of algae and/or cyanobacteria.  Excess Nitrite or Nitrate can lead to the overall poor health of your aquarium,

Key Features :

  • Chemical filter media
  • Ideal for new, dirty or heavily stocked aquariums
  • Removes harmful nitrite
  • Helps improve water quality
  • Will not affect pH or hardness
  • For best results, replace monthly or as required after testing water with your Fluval test kits
  • Designed specifically for the Fluval FLEX, SPEC and EVO aquarium series
  • Convenient 4 x Duo-Pack format
Fluval BFA Item #
Nitrite Remover Pad x 4 Duo Packs HA11335

015561113359 A1335 A-13355