Exo Terra Reptile Vision Spectrum Lamps - Tropical Bulbs

Exo Terra

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  • Stimulates appetite and breeding
  • Improves the animal’s perception of its environment
  • Enhances natural behavior
  • Adapted for the 4-receptor eyes of reptiles

The reptile eye is more sensitive than the human eye to other wavelengths within the light spectrum. Previously, bulbs have been developed towards human vision. The spectrum of the Reptile Vision Bulb peaks in those wavelengths important to reptiles. As a result of the vivid wavelenghths of light provided by the Reptile Vision Bulb, reptiles will experience and perceive colors from their environment more naturally. The Exo Terra Reptile Vision Bulb will help to improve the living conditions and physiological wellbeing of your reptiles. Combine with Exo Terra’s Reptile UVB Bulbs to create the perfect conditions for your reptiles.


Exo Terra BFA Item #
Reptile Vision Lamp 13 watt EX22345
Reptile Vision Lamp 26 watt EX22346