Eheim classic 250 Black Activated Carbon Foam Filter Pads, 3 Pack


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Fine and coarse activated carbon filter pads for adsorptive filtration
For adsorptive filtration – also for removal of harmful chemical substances (chlorine, remains of medical treatments etc.) – there are special activated carbon fine and coarse filter pads as a filter insert. Adsorptive filtration is usually only necessary in the start-up phase of the aquariums or after use of medication. The filter media should only be used for a short time (ca. 4 weeks) and then removed or replaced.

  • Fine and coarse filter pads treated with activated carbon
  • Bind chlorine, pesticides and other chemical substances
  • Use for instance after set up or treatment with medications
  • Use only for a limited period (ca. 4 weeks)
  • For use with Eheim Classic 250 Canister Filter 2213

Eheim BFA Item #
classic 250 Activated Carbon Filter Pad 3 Pack 2628130 EH99006