Eheim classic 150 White Fine Foam Filter Pads, 3 Pack


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Fine and coarse filter pads for mechanical and biological filtration

The porous material becomes evenly soaked with water and traps large and small dirt particles. After a short start-up period purification bacteria, which provide intensive biological decomposition of harmful substances, colonise the specially structured foam.

The fine and coarse filter pads are reusable many times over. To clean them simply rinse and squeeze out, so that the bacteria cultures are not completely destroyed. 

  • Porous material traps large and small dirt particles
  • Good colonisation conditions for bacteria cultures
  • Reusable several times over
  • To clean just rinse and squeeze out
  • For use with Eheim Classic 150 Canister Filter 2211

Eheim BFA Item #
classic 150 White Foam Filter Pad 3 Pack 2616115 EH26086