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Dalmatian Sailfin Balloon Molly - Regular

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Dalmatian Sailfin Balloon Molly

Poecilia latipinna
Origin North and Central America
Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Size 3-4 inches
Min Housing 20-40 gallon
Diet Omnivorous
Live Plant Compatible Yes
Temp 72°-78°F
Sexual Dimorphism Yes
Average Age 3-5 years
Special Water Conditions  
Pictures are for reference only, there will be variations in size and color of individual animals.


Mollies are popular fish for beginner hobbyists as they are brightly colored, grow to be a decent size, and are hardy fish to care for. They are also an easy fish to breed as they are livebearers; they do not lay eggs, and instead will give birth to 20-100 offspring, known as fry. Under ideal conditions they are capable of producing fry every 60 days. 

Mollies will thrive in a community tank setting living with other fish their size. They are also sexually dimorphic; males have pointed anal fins while females have rounded anal fins. If you are keeping multiple mollies together, it is best to keep them in a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio of males to females to prevent males from overwhelming one female with too much attention. Otherwise, a single-sex group of 3-5 or more female mollies can coexist without worries of breeding or injury due to competition for breeding. 

It is not recommended to keep balloon mollies with standard mollies because of the differences in body shape. Balloon mollies aren't as agile or quick as a standard molly, and a standard molly could injure the balloon mollies.