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Coralife 16 Gallon LED BioCube Saltwater Aquarium Kit


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The Coralife BioCube has been one of the top selling saltwater aquarium kits over the past decade.  These are an all-in-one system that are perfect for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike.  Both the 16 & 32 Gallon Bio Cube systems have all the necessary components built in so you can spend more time enjoying your aquatic habitat and less time setting it up.

Bright LED Lighting
  • Bright white LEDs for daytime
  • Sparkling blue Moon Glows for nighttime
  • Color enhancing LEDs for sunrise/sunset and maximizing beauty

Integrated 24-Hour timer with independent channels

  • Automatic 30 minute sunrise & sunset and 60 minute moonrise & moonset functions

Customizable filtration chamber

Quiet submersible pump filters water throughout the aquarium
  • Dual intakes filter water from top and bottom of aquarium
  • Adjustable return nozzle provides current where you need it most

Premium Dual-action filter cartridge

Compact integrated filtration system

Sleek modern hood

32 gallon measures 20.25" x 21.875" x 19.125" (L x W x H)
16 gallon measures 15.00" x 16.750" x 17.500" (L x W x H)


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