Circle T Rustic Leather Collar - Chocolate

Circle T

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Dress your dog a refined, classic collar like the Circle T® Rustic Leather Town Dog Collar! This handcrafted leather dog collar provides a timeless, classic western look with antique brass hardware. Its strong and extremely durable leather maintains the rich natural coloring and beauty even through rough wear. Your dog will be handsomely dressed with this collar for years thanks to its long-lasting design. Pair with the matching Circle T® Rustic Leather Dog Leash for a complete look!

Pair with the matching Circle T® Rustic Leather Dog Leash for a complete look!

  • Handcrafted with durable, quality leather.
  • The rounded design prevents rubbing and irritation for comfortable wear.
  • Rustic, classic western look with antique brass metal hardware.
  • Maintains rich coloring and natural beauty over time.
  • Perfect for dogs with long hair or sensitive skin.

Circle T Leather Collar Neck Size BFA Item #
Chocolate, Rustic 3/8" 10 in CP31132
Chocolate, Rustic 3/8" 12 in CP31133
Chocolate, Rustic 5/8" 14 in CP31152
Chocolate, Rustic 5/8" 16 in CP31153
Chocolate, Rustic 3/4" 18 in CP31162
Chocolate, Rustic 3/4" 20 in CP31163
Chocolate, Rustic 1" 20 in CP31187
Chocolate, Rustic 1" 22 in CP31182
Chocolate, Rustic 1" 24 in CP31183




It gets better with age!

While most collars wear out, get stinky or fall apart over time, leather collars actually get better with age. The leather takes in natural oils that enrich the color and causes the collars and leashes to become softer and more pliable over time. Leather leashes are a favorite with trainers, because they don't slip or cause the painful brush burns that can happen from using nylon or polyester training leads.


Professional trainers recommend leather leashes  Leather products actually improve over time!  Coastal Pet leather products are more natural and eco-friendly.  More comfortable grip and easier to hold than traditional leashes.  Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.