Boyd Vita Chem Marine Formula

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Vita-Chem is a water and tissue soluble pre-stabalized multi-vitamin - an exclusive and revolutionary concept in vitamin supplements for both freshwater and saltwater animals and fish kept in closed systems. Contains 37 naturally occurring extracts bonded with amino acids. VitaChem brings out vibrant natural colors in fish, and is great for fin regeneration and Lateral Line Disease. Concentrated and easily assimilated. Comes in separate freshwater and saltwater formulas.



  • Increased growth
  • Increased resistance to disease
  • Great for Reef Aquariums, Corals, Filter Feeders and Breeders
  • Omega-3 Enhanced
  • Rapid fin regeneration
  • Fabulous intense natural colors 
Boyd BFA Item #
Vita Chem Marine 4 oz BY16707
Vita Chem Marine 16 oz BY16709

04 VCM 16