Black Skirt / Black Widow Tetra - Jumbo

Black Skirt / Black Widow Tetra - Jumbo

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Black Skirt / Black Widow Tetra

Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
Origin South America
Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Size 2.5 inches
Min Housing 20+ gallon
Diet Omnivore
Live Plant Compatible Yes
Temp 70°-80°F
Sexual Dimorphism
Average Age
Special Water Conditions None
Pictures are for reference only, there will be variations in size and color of individual animals.



Black Skirt Tetras are a hardy tetra that makes a great addition to community tanks, especially for beginners due to their robust nature. Their round body size also makes them a great addition to aquariums with some more robust and assertive fish (as they are not as likely to be picked), such as Kribensis, large rainbow species, large-bodied gourami, barbs, angelfish, etc. Although they can sometimes be nippy in aquariums with more peaceful community fish, this can usually be managed by keeping them in groups of 6 or more (which tends to keep their squabbling within their shoal).