Artificial Aquarium Plant White Tipped Cardamine

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This White Tipped Cardamine is great for use on the bottom of your aquarium. Comes attached to a weighted base to prevent it from floating. With beautiful white and green hues, it is sure to complement any decor. It's compact and fully stocked design is great for small and / or baby fish to use for shelter. Made from a high quality plastic making it easy to clean, and will not fade easily from light. Safe for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

Key Features :

  • Fade Resistant
  • Provides decorative touch 
  • Long-lasting & maintenance-free 
  • Creates hiding places and reduces fish stress
  • Weighted Base
Artificial Plant BFA Item #
White Tipped Cardamine 6 inch BF00272
White Tipped Cardamine 12 inch BF00641
White Tipped Cardamine 24 inch BF00284

Plants over 12 inches may be taken out of current packaging and put into individual bags to fit better into shipping box.