Artificial Plant Floating Moss with roots

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This beautiful decorative plastic plant adds a underwater appeal to your aquarium.  This unique floating moss decoration uses the natural currents in your aquarium to coast peacefully along the water's surface. It features life-like underwater movement and an ultra-realistic appearance.  Featuring natural-looking colors that will not fade, this supple yet durable plant provides an elegant decorative touch and requires minimal maintenance compared to real plants.  Great for baby guppies, mollies and platies.  ALso great for gouramis and bettas to help build bubble nests,

Key Features :

  • Fade Resistant
  • Provides decorative touch 
  • Long-lasting & maintenance-free 
  • Creates hiding places and reduces fish stress
  • Weighted Base
Artificial Plant BFA Item #
Floating Roots 6 inch BF01327

Plants over 12 inches may be taken out of current packaging and put into individual bags to fit better into shipping box.