aquarium fish tank LED strip light 30 inch 30
Aqueon LED Strip Light 30 inch
015905211024 Aqueon LED Strip Light 30 inch top
015905211024 Aqueon LED Strip Light 30 inch bottom underneath under side

Aqueon LED Strip Light 30 inch

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Aqueon LED Aquarium Strip Lights are meant for use with glass covers or they can fit into existing Aqueon hoods. Strip lights are low-profile and use Aqueon Modular LED lamps available in a variety of colors. Each fixture comes preloaded with one Day White LED lamp with an expansion slot to add a second LED lamp. Comes with moon glow accent LED light and three-way switch to turn LED lights on, turn everything off or to turn the moon glow accent on. Ideal upgrade to an incandescent or fluorescent strip light fixture.

  • Comes with one Day White LED lamp, with slot for an additional LED lamp
  • Changing LED lamps are easy to snap in and out, plug and play!
  • Moon glow accent light and three-way power switch included
  • Aqueon LED Strip Lights can be used with glass tops or retro-fitted to existing Aqueon hoods
  • Upgrade from incandescent or fluorescent
  • Fits 20 L Long, 29 & 37 Gallon, 36 Bow Front, 54 Corner
  • 1 year warranty
Aqueon BFA Item #
30 inch LED Strip Light AQ21102
 fish tank 100121102