Aqueon LED MiniBow LED Kit with SmartClean Tech, 5 Gallon - Black 015905002011 aquarium fish tank bow mini smart clean 100543610

Aqueon LED MiniBow LED Kit with SmartClean Tech, 5 Gallon - Black

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Aqueon® LED MiniBows™ Kits with SmartClean™ Technology are great for first time and experienced fish keeper. These desktop aquariums are great for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices and more. Each kit includes a clear acrylic vessel, low-profile LED hood, elevated base, water care and food samples to get you started. Also included is a uniquely designed power filter with SmartClean™ Technology that makes essential water changes quick, fast and easy to do in less than 2 minutes! In just a couple minutes each week helps maintain a cleaner and healthy aquatic environment with Aqueon® LED Mini Bow Kits with SmartClean™ Technology.
  • Equipped with SmartClean™ Technology to perform water changes in less than 2 minutes
  • Improve water quality for a happy, healthy fish.
  • Includes aquarium vessel, black hood and elevated base, power filter, fish food, water conditioner, filter cartridge, and setup guide.
  • Great home for small fish.
  • For first time and experience fish keepers of all ages.
  • Uses Aqueon Small Replacement Cartridge 


Aqueon LED MiniBow Dimensions (L x W x H) BFA Item #
5 gallon Black 14.5 x 10 x 13.5 in AQ00201




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