AquaTop Aquarium Plant Fire Cabomba


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The tallest in AquaTop's Cabomba-like series of artificial plants, this marvel makes an ideal background plants for large freshwater systems. You’ll immediately enjoy the color, depth, and your creatures will appreciate the shelter this plant provides. All Aquatop artificial plants are non-toxic and safe for inhabitants and include weighted bases that stay firmly in place. 

• Replicates exotic plant life from around the world

• Serves as a natural focal point in your tank

• Weighted base

Aquatop Plants (Nominal Length) BFA Item #
Fire Cabomba 6 inch AT01461
Fire Cabomba 9 inch AT01462
Fire Cabomba 12 inch AT01463
Fire Cabomba 16 inch AT01464
Fire Cabomba 20 inch AT01465