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API Pond Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer


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API® Pond Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer instantly makes tap water safe for pond life by neutralizing chlorine, copper, lead, and zinc, in addition to other heavy metals which are toxic to fish and plants. This super concentrated solution treats 600 US gallons of pond water with just one ounce of dosing, and assists in making pond keeping and maintenance easy and effective all season long!

  • Instantly neutralizes chlorine, copper, lead and zinc, as well as other heavy metals found in tap and well water.
  • One ounce treats 600 gallons of pond water.
  • Safe for fish, plants and wild life.
API Pond Treats in Gallons BFA Item #
Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer 16 oz 9,600 Gallons AP05141


Use the dosing cap on the bottle. To remove chlorine and detoxify heavy metals: add 1 tsp. per 100 gallons of pond water, or add 0.25 cup for each 1,200 gallons. To remove chloramines: double the dose. Use when filling a new pond, or adding or changing water in an established pond.

16 oz Treats 9,600 Gallons
32 oz Treats 19,200 Gallons


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Made in the USA